I was born in Tamworth (NSW) with my twin sister, Lisa. I like to say that I’m the good twin and she is the evil twin but I might be a little biased.  I then moved to the Gold Coast to begin primary school and have lived here ever since. I love that I am able to call the Gold Coast my home.

After high school I studied at Bond University where I graduated with a Bachelor in Film & Television. This is where my love for photography began and I often wonder if I would have never gone to University would I have discovered this passion for photography.

I have worked on 3 short films, all of which have been selected into numerous international film festivals including the Cannes International Film Festival (France) , International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (USA), Palm Springs International Short Film Market (USA) and the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival (Ireland).

I love to laugh and consider myself a pretty laid back person so when I’m not doing photography or videography here are some of the fun little hobbies you might find me doing.

  1. Watching way too much TV-seriously is there a disorder for watching too much TV because I think I might have it. Some of my favourite shows are 24, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Prison Break, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Las Vegas, American Horror Story, Covert Affairs, Nikita, Will & Grace, Orange Is the New Black, WWE and of course the trashy reality shows which I am a little ashamed to admit I love watching, mainly any of The Real Housewives shows (Atlanta, New Jersey, I watch them all!)
  2. Keeping fit– I really love working out, I find it therapeutic. Whether it’s going to the gym, swimming or running I like to stay active. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and swam at the State Championships so I guess that active lifestyle has stuck with me into my adult life.
  3. Anything WWE Wrestling related-I am admitting it now that I am addicted to WWE! There I said it, now we can all move on. Seriously though whether it’s watching WWE on TV, playing the latest video game or going to a live WWE event I will know about it. One of the best experiences was going to Wrestlemania in the USA where I was screaming and booing alongside 100,000 people! There really is nothing else like it.
  4. Playing with my dog– I love animals, especially my dog Chino & Ollie

I love photography and consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do what I love.  Hopefully this has given you a little insight into me and if my crazy wrestling addiction has not turned you away yet, please get in contact with me as I would love to meet you!

Kirk Willcox
Gold Coast photographer Kirk Willcox