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Jess & Johnno had planned the perfect wedding at Midginbil Hill, UKI, NSW. The weather conditions however were ever changing, at one point there were severe wind warnings, rain, sunshine and yes even lightning. However not even the unpredictable weather conditions could stop this happy couple from getting married.

I was the official videographer for Jess & Johnno’s wedding¬† and to this day is still one of my favourite and most challenging weddings to have been a part of. I say challenging because of the insane weather conditions, the bride and groom were no problem and are in fact still in contact with me to this day long after their wedding!

Jess & Johnno would say I DO in a beautiful barn that would also be holding their reception. This provided a great rustic feel and outside the dark rain clouds would provide an awesome location for some portraits that looked incredible in the pictures and video.I am so blessed to have been able to work with such great people and I look forward to continuing my friendship with them. I wish Jess & Johnno every success and happiness!

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Midginbil Hill, Uki, (New South Wales)

Wedding Videography: Kirk Willcox

Wedding Photography: Kirk Willcox